Maverick Metal Trading, Inc. - Your Hometown Steel Source

2402 S. Kaufman, Ennis, Tx 75119 Phone 972-875-9597 Fax 972-875-9835
Hours of Operation: Mon. - Fri. 8 - 5 PM and Sat. 8-12 Noon

The pictures below are examples of previous projects. Enjoy yourself. Maybe even get a few new ideas.

Custom Horse Barns


Horse and Cattle Stables


Commercial Storage


Workshops and Storage


Steel Framework for Strip Centers


Agricultural Loafing Sheds


Barndeminiums, Living Quarters with Attached Shop


Freestanding Retail Shops


Custom Horse Barns


Commercial Shops and Storage


Steel Framework for Office Complex


Riding Arenas


Man Caves and Shops


Freestanding Carport

Attached Carport

Getting any ideas?